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Cloudify's Demon Slayer
Swordsmith Village Update

Hey All, The long awaited Swordsmith Village Update is here!
There have been a lot of changes to the Server with the addition of this Arc and we're sure
that you're going to enjoy them to the very last minute. Lets Start with the new features added to the server.

Notice: Expect Lag for the first 2 Days - We have never hosted a Server with this many Mods & Plugins

New Content:
All new Content added to the Server.
- BattlePass ( Season 1 - Genshin Impact )
- Daily, Weekly Quests
- Auto Hosted Fishing Event ( Custom Fish & Rewards )
- McMMO Reworked, Skills & Functions
- New Gainable Tags
- New Player Market /warp playermarket ( Rent your own Store! )
- MANY New Enchants /enchanter
- Tinkers Construct ( Weapons Disabled )
- New RTP System ( Overworld, Nether, End )
- Casino ( Coinflips, Roulette, Rock Paper Scissors, Crash & Jackpot )
- Lottery System /lottery
- Friends System /friends
- Bamboo Breathing & Hairo BDA fixed & Unbanned
- MANY New Artifacts ( Relics )
- Natural Spawning Dungeons
- New Japanese Furniture Mod
- Player Vaults /playervault ( Upgradable )
- Daily Quest Board ( Levelling & Badge System )
- New Donor Perks ( /chatcolor, /playervault amount )
- Seasonal Farming, Can only grow Certain Crops on Each Season.
- All New GUIs & ESC Menu
- Client Optimisations
- Upgradable Yoriichi Swords ( Coming to other Swords Soon )
- Massively Reworked Quest Dialogue & Character Dialogue
- Auction House displayed on Discord
- In-Game Discord Chat
- Server Added to Network ( /hub )
- Sophisticated Backpacks Mod
- Alex's Mobs
 - New Spawn & Warps
- New Crate Models
- New Cosmetics & Weapons

Changes :
Minor Changes to already existing Features.

- Disabled Bamboo Breathing Form 11 ( Duping )
- Disabled Hairo BDA Form 4 ( Duping )
- Removed 0 Fall Dmg from Slayer Marks
- Fixed a Bug with Easter's Grace Making it Unequipable
- Enmu Tentacles, Zohakuten Tentacles Disabled ( Massively Glitchy )
- Fixed KimetsuNoYaiba Death Glitch
- Reworked Enhanced Blood to be faster & Cheaper.
- All World Loot is now Per-Player.
- Reworked Caves, Strongholds, Mineshafts & Villages
- Added Random Spawning Structures around the Map

On Release, the Only Quest available will be Swordsmith Village, Other Quests will be released Shortly After.

Release 2.0 Update Changelog 9 months ago