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Frequently Asked Questions

To install our modpacks, we use Technic Laucher as our main form of installation.
You can download Technic Launcher here:
Once installed make sure to log in!

At the top of your screen you'll see a tab called Modpacks with a search bar right underneath,
Here you want to type Cloudify and this will bring up all of our currently available modpacks - servers are included.

Currently we don't support cracked minecraft.
However this is being looked into as we'd like to expand to a further audience.

On our network we have separated stores for each server the links for these are as follows.



You can apply for staff when applications are put out.
We send them out about every month or so in announcements on our discord,
they may be moved to the website soon but it will still be announced within our discord!

Q: How do I obtain Devil Fruits?

A: You can get Devil fruits by opening Wood, Iron, and Gold Boxes, which you get from ships in mostly /warp explore , but also in the main world.

Q: How do i progress my Haki?

A: You can progress your Haki by killing mobs, the more health the mob has, the more Haki EXP you will get.

Q: How do obtain Conquerers Haki?

A: You have to max out every other form of Haki (Kenbunshoku and Busoshoku)

Q: How do I gain a title such as Pirate King, Yonko, Etc.?

A: Event Masters will be hosting tournaments in the near future to obtain these titles.

Q: How do I raise my Doriki?

A: You raise your Doriki in the same way that you raise your Haki, by killing mobs.

Q: How do I change my Race, Faction, and/or Fighting Style?

A: You can change race with a Character Creator Book, which can be obtained from Event Crates